Wide Open Windows

Post Scriptum
Ton Haarmans

This website is not more then a means to express and enjoy myself and to pay tribute to authors I love to read. And I do hope some people like it and [ let me know ]. After all I have been a web designer for a big part of my life and the Wide Open Windows website has been around since 1997. It started on the domain of 'wideopenwin.com', accomodating what I then called the 'Awakened Teacher List', which had dozens, later hundreds, of links to websites of people who claimed to have ultimate knowledge. Later, the site also became a portfolio for my work as a web and graphic designer.

All that is processed now and behind me.

In the present I enjoy my retirement from being a designer (except for the website of Villa Luz and this website) and graphic software teacher and live with my partner Asti, ten chickens and the dogs Angie and Sky in the interior of the Costa Blanca, Spain.


“The world is an overwhelming and amazing experience. The night sky, all the plants and animals, the towns and villages, the mountains around me. The functioning of my body, the dreams in my sleep, the people I meet, that damn itch on my arms, memories of my childhood...

So ordinary, so extraordinary.

I'm hungry again.”