wide open windows


'Spirituality' and even 'nonduality' have left me. Its words are old, stale and boring now.

I am wary of Important Words starting with capital letters ;-). So don't talk to me about 'Love', or 'Oneness', 'Consciousness' or 'Enlightenment', nor 'God' or 'Nature'.

Life is happening, that's all I really know. I don't know what it is. I don't know what I am. Knowing and being are two words for the same whatever.

A blackbird sings its song. What could be more important?




More words...

I don't need any teaching, concepts, or explanations. Life as it comes is more then enough, but when I forget I can always remind myself.

meeuwen   The point is, there is nothing 'I' can do. If I really look, I see I am completely helpless. Looking out of my window, one of the stray cats jumps off a wall. I hear the humming sound of the stove. My head feels numb, having a runny cold. Fingers typing, click, click.

I don't know what my next thought will be...

Life is living (my) life.

It's a f*cking mystery. And anything said or written about it is empty of any real meaning.



Even more words...

I have written two books which are available as downloads on Amazon in Kindle format, but you can also download them from this site as PDF's:

book A philosophical work in Dutch: 'Ongetwijfeld, een kritisch onderzoek naar de grenzen van weten, kennis en geloof'.

► Download 'Ongetwijfeld'




book And in English: 'Wide Open Windows | spiritual anarchism'

“'Wide Open Windows | spiritual anarchism' is the story of a journey through the pitfalls of spiritual seeking and magical thinking into the freedom and clarity of what its author, Ton Haarmans, calls “spiritual anarchism.” It’s a beautiful, brief read that I recommend highly.”

Robert Saltzman

“This [the chapter about consciousness] is one of the most coherent and thorough explorations of the subject of consciousness I have read, with a clarity and accessibility that is extremely rare.”

Miranda Warren

► Download 'Wide Open Windows | spiritual anarchism'