Wide Open Windows

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One of the strangest books is this work by the philosopher Gilles Deleuze and the philosopher/psychotherapist/activist FĂ©lix Guattari, both of whom belong to the "post-modern" or "post-structuralist" direction in philosophy. I have not read it in French, but in a Dutch translation, pub...

Joan Tollifson
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How Do Various Teachers, Speakers, Teachings or Messages Affect Me?

Facebook posting 11-13-2020

This is a wonderful question to live with as you read, listen to, or work with various folks who are writing or talking about nonduality, awareness, meditation, spirituality, or however they describe...

Hebben wij een vrije wil?
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The Illusion of Free Will

"If you pay attention, you can see that you no more authoring the next thing you think than the next thing I say. Thoughts simply appear in consciousness. What are you going to think next? What am I going to say next?

I could suddenly start talking about why we don't ea...