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Zen en de kunst van het motoronderhoud
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Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

This book by Robert Pirsig was discussed in a work group on epistomology, of which I was a member. I spent weeks on it. An absolutely wonderful book! The story consists of several layers, including:

Space, Time and Knowledge
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Time, Space, and Knowledge

I became acquainted with this book during my master studies. One of my andragology professors had become interested in it. I had previously followed a workshop on the philosophy of space and time. The theory of relativity was a big part of that study. Very interesting! A...

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I have been reading science fiction since I was eleven years old. I bought my first SF at the Blokker bookshop on the Bronsteeweg in Heemstede. I know of no genre that stimulates the imagination more and gives such a sense of wonder as SF...

And 'Starmaker' is perhaps the most inspirin...

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Messages from Michael

Channelling' was an important part of many spiritual subcultures in the 1970s and 1980s. Mediums claimed to have contact with 'entities' in other dimensions, through a Ouija board or by going into a trance. Others 'hear' messages coming through their heads. Well known is the...

Carl Sagan
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The Baloney Detection Kit

The Carl Sagan 'Baloney Detection Kit' should be brought out as a matter of course whenever new ideas are offered for consideration. If the new idea survives scrutiny with the tools in our kit, it can be wholeheartedly, if hesitantly, accepted. If you don't want to buy...

Machten van 10
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Powers of 10

This book is based on a movie made by Charles and Ray Eames called 'Powers of Ten: A Film Dealing with the Relative Size of Things in the Universe and the Effect of Adding Another Zero'. In the film, you see a scene of two people picnicking in a Chicago park, seen from above, framed i...