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Random thoughts
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Random thoughts

Various thoughts and ideas that bubble up...

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What would I say if someone would ask me: "are you 'enlightened' (or 'awakened' or 'liberated')?"

My answer would depend on how 'enlightenment' or being 'enlightened' would be defined. Here are a few possibilities: [...]

Final Enlightenment
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Final Enlightenment

The following Facebook posting from Joan Tollifson sums up the whole story of also my seeking quest for 'Enlightenment': [...]

Soul Age
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About 'soul age'

The original Michael-teachings support the belief in a 'soul' that 'develops' itself into a better or 'higher' version via reincarnation through many lifetimes. The stages of this development are called 'soul age', forming a clear hierarchy from 'infant soul', over 'young soul' an...

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You get what you get when you get it

"When I speak about quietness - when I tell you to keep quiet - it is not easy for everyone to follow. Most people here are from different backgrounds, practices, sadhanas; and therefore feel they need to do something, to put something into practice. When I s...

Miranda Warren
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I just discovered a young woman, a dancer by profession, named Miranda Warren. She describes in her book 'This Terrible Love, a nonduality dreamlife' what happens in her life as awakened experience and it's often more poetry then prose. No teaching, no jargon. Just this...