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Random thoughts

What happens is not done by you, it is you!
Decisions are made. By no one. Or, which comes down to the same: by everything at once.

Everything is interesting

Using my head, expressing experience is only poor and paradoxical. Mental knowing is leaving me and I wake up in a wonderful world full of color, sound and emotion, constantly changing. Why still explain anything when that-what-is so obviously presents itself - to me, in me and as me.

The need itself to know The Ultimate Truth is disappearing. The world is fleeting, in flux, but also incredibly beautiful, without any intrinsic meaning. Everyone experiences this, I think, but mostly without realizing it, because of a learned contraction of self-absorption. I let me be infused with the experience of this moment.

Just being quiet and paying attention, everything is interesting and nothing else is needed.

Reality is a projection of the brain

Proposition to entertain:
The reality in which we live is a projection of the material brain. The nature and origin of the projection is unknown and unknowable. The brain we can see (in surgery, for example) is, of course, also a projection. All science is based on knowledge of what is projected. Beyond that, we cannot know anything. Phenomena such as light ('photons', 'electromagnetic radiation'), sound and other sense data are registered as projections and as mathematical constructions that fit certain theories. What light in itself IS, we cannot know, simply because we cannot step outside our brains. It does not help to name the unknown as 'consciousness' or 'God' or 'Nature' or even 'matter' or 'strings' and 'quantum fields'. These are merely words to cover up our ignorance...

At the same time it makes perfectly sense to explore the projection, figure out it's regularities and use the resulting knowledge to our advantage.

Speculation, especially philosophical speculation (like this proposition) or metaphysics has no use other then entertaiment. Nothing serious about it.

Spiritual anarchism

Believe in nothing.
Don't hope for anything.
Being open to everything that is happening in this moment.

In fact, that is already the case.
That's all there is to it.