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Miranda Warren

Miranda Warren

I just discovered a young woman, a dancer by profession, named Miranda Warren. She describes in her book 'This Terrible Love, a nonduality dreamlife' what happens in her life as awakened experience and it's often more poetry then prose. No teaching, no jargon. Just this, sharing her observations and thoughts about life.

"The words that divide are simply the bars the brain puts on the windows of perception, and then they become the bars of your prison. But the prison is simply another appearance of what always is, and is ever unbound and unknown. There is only the illusion of a prisoner or of any one free. There has never been a split, there has never been separation."

Too much said of course. I think she would agree on that.

"These words are not about trying to share a truth about the nature of reality, but the wonder and awe of this lived experience when separation is seen as illusory. It is not a perception that requires any special state or event, as it is our inseparable shared experience in this indefinable, inexplicable, miraculous appearance we call life."

Miranda Warren