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What would I say if someone would ask me: "are you 'enlightened' (or 'awakened' or 'liberated')?"

My answer would depend on how 'enlightenment' or being 'enlightened' would be defined. Here are a few possibilities:

1. Enlightenment is a permanent and perfect state of being happy, centered, wise and kind. The ego or self has been obliterated or merged with some 'Universal Consciousness'. All suffering has ended. This state is achieved somewhere in the future, after lots of work on oneself, maybe even for many lifetimes. And so it is very rare and happens only for a few very special individuals.
Answer: no (ask my girlfriend) and I think this kind of enlightenment is completey delusional and cannot exist, since permanency is not a feature of existence as far as I know. I have believed in this kind of enlightenment for many years.

2. Enlightenment as 'Nirvikalpa samadhi'. In this type of enlightenment you are no more. All mind is absent. Your body needs to be taken care of by others. If it exists it is likely a pathological state. Not recommended :-)
Answer: thankfully, no.

3. Enlightenment as the natural condition of everything and everybody, always, anyway.
Answer: yes I am enlightened in this sense, but who or what isn't? This kind of enlightenment has no opposite and therefore has lost any meaning.

4. Enlightenment is being knowingly present and aware, here now. It is realized that the experience one is having at this moment is apparently all there is, nothing else exists as far as can be known, because we cannot step outside our experience. Whatever the nature of this experience, it just unfolds or arises without some separate 'me' is doing anything.
Answer: sometimes, in my best moments I am awakened in this sense. I think everybody has moments like that, but mostly those moments are not recognized as being 'awakened'. In other moments I appear to be lost in thoughts - without awareness of being aware and in still other moments I am simply unconscious.