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About Soul Age

About 'soul age'

The original Michael-teachings support the belief in a 'soul' that 'develops' itself into a better or 'higher' version via reincarnation through many lifetimes. The stages of this development are called 'soul age', that form a clear hierarchy from 'infant soul', over 'young soul' and 'mature soul' to 'old soul' and even beyond that into a disembodied 'transcendental soul'.

I would like to change this idea. Belief in 'souls' is exactly that: a belief, not a fact. Also this idea of development into 'higher' states is a belief, not a fact. Personally I think these ideas are completely delusional and egotistical: "I am an 'Old Soul' and you are only a 'Young Soul'. I am actually looking down on you but I pretend I am not".

"If your beliefs are comforting to you or "uplift" you, that's normal. Few of us like to believe things that we find upsetting or depressing. But that says nothing about the facticity of your beliefs, only that you have them and like the way they make you feel." (Robert Saltzman)

What does seem to exist is for people to have a focus on a certain area of life, where most of their personal drama is being played. Many people are absorbed in the 'game' of relationship. "Who can be trusted?". "Am I loving enough?". "What does friendship mean?". These are the questions of their life which need clarification for them. Other people are completely caught up in the game of social position and power. "Am I winning or losing?" "How can I be in control?". And then you have people who are busy with the game of existential questions. "What is true and what is delusion? What is the big picture?". Physical survival is another game for a lot of people, especially in socalled 'underdeveloped' countries, a game of life and death. Again another group of people is mainly wrestling with a moral code, asking themselves: "What is right and what is wrong? I have to make a stance and choose a side".

All these games are equal. There is no higher or lower game. All games are also equally intense for the people involved and do not feel as a 'game' at all, but are felt as absolutely real. Well, we have to call it something. Maybe 'life focus' is a better term.

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