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There are a number of people who have been very helpful in getting clear on this whole subject of "spirituality", "nonduality" and "enlightenment". I like to introduce them here. Their books you can find on the Literature page.

All of them are very recommended!

Robert Saltzman

Robert Saltzman

I have come to know Robert as a gentle, animal-loving author who speaks candidly about what it is like for him to be an awake and fully present "Mensch". Robert is a gifted photographer, retired psychotherapist and author of two amazing breakthrough books, "The Ten Thousand Things" and "Depending on no-thing".

Robert insists that his vision be seen as a form of self-expression and not as an interpretation of "The Truth". He does not want to be seen as a teacher, yet I recognize much insight in his crystal clear argument.

Joan Tollifson

Joan Tollifson Joan is one of the most honest and grounded authors in the field of non-dual spirituality. She does not belong to any tradition, but she resonates with and has a background in Zen and Advaita and other forms of non-duality. I especially admire her candor about herself as a feisty, one-armed, lesbian, former drunk and (still occasionally) finger biter.

Her vision is both simple and inclusive and also seeks to appreciate different expressions and approaches to that which is here and now.

Shiv Sengupta

Shiv Sengupta Shiv is the author of the Facebook page "Advaitaholics Anonymous". On his own website, the following is said about him:

"With his avant-garde, no-nonsense approach to life's existential questions, Shiv's work has captured the minds of readers around the world. With a balance of biting humor and profound insight, his writing throws down the gauntlet for every person to face reality for themselves, without the assurances of authority figures, the dictates of dogma and the comfort of cultural belief systems."

Miranda Warren

Miranda Warren Miranda has been a dancer and choreographer and her look upon life reflects that. The way she talks about being awakened has nothing to do with philosophy or teaching. She just talks about what happens. For me that was and is refreshing and something I can feel into and feel with her.


"There is simply life. And what is life? A beautiful dream that I call love even though I have always known love's got nothing at all to do with it.

All of us are simply being written by life, appearing in the movie, and it's the most perfect beautiful amazing and exciting and still and moving silent movie imaginable; it is all and everything and nothing.

Life is not about finding anything or changing anything or being anything or knowing anything or gaining anything. What promised future liberation is there, when there is only always ever this?"